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Iran Reference Company at a glance

Company Registration Number: 35949

Iranian reference to the first and largest manufacturer of cathodic protection systems have been established in Iran in 1358.

Has an operating license from the Ministry of Industry and contracting management certification in the field of installations and equipment base 3 and base 5 in the mining industry and power base 5 in the Ministry of Interior (Civil Affairs).

The company’s activity is in the field of manufacturing, design, consultation, installation of monitoring systems, cathodic protection and earthing and has managed to undertake more than 70% of the most important country projects in this field.

The company has the largest factory in the field of cathodic protection equipment in Iran, with an area of 5000 square meters. It also has three halls and is equipped with specialized laboratories.

Iran Reference company has received the certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,HSE-MS.

Some main product’s of the company are as follows :

  • The sacrificial anode aluminum, zinc, magnesium and silicon anodes and anode current including, zinc, titanium and graphite.
  • Rectifier transformers with various capacities
  • Monitoring and remote control systems for transformer rectifier
  • Hafsl and fixed-line markers, electrical panels, coke, wellhead equipment, earthing Zinc tuberculosis
  • Insulating flanges in classes and different sizes, handicap, types of bandages box Stoves welding, welding and powder

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