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Referance Iran Co. being the leader  of cathodic protection systems, has executed more then 70% of cathodic protection projects in Iran.

Following the development of industries, corrosion protection  has been a vital factor for a cost-effective performance.

Referance Iran Co. provides the solution, blending engineering expertise and a well-established range of products, offering a comprehensive service covering all standard aspects of corrosion prevention and cathodic protection.

In addition to providing consultation and engineering services based on world scales, we design, manufacture, install, supervise and monitor equipment for most of the biggest companies and projects in Iranian industry.

By using Referance expertise, clients can devolve responsibility to our specialist corrosion knowledge instead of stretching their own resources.

Referance Iran Co, established in 1979, holds production licenses form the Ministry of industries & mines & ISO9001-2000 Certificate.





Activities cathodic protection system and earthing

 Design and Consulting:

Iran Reference company with a team of experts with experience and with the help of more than 70% of the project design and consulting Cathodic protection and earthing system in Iran is ready to provide professional services engineering.

 Sales & Trading:

Reference Iranian company with an experienced team of professionals with experience and expertise in the industry and with the cooperation of the largest international companies As a pioneer in the field of cathodic protection systems and card business in the Middle East provides all engineering services and sale of goods.


All equipment, cathodic protection system, supplying goods and equipment comply with the request and technical specifications of the buyer and provide all the services in units of the product in accordance with the buyer’s request, ranging from design, testing and manufacturing As well as the approval of the most respected inspection companies.


Monitoring and remote control systems for transformer rectifier

Insulating flanges in classes and different sizes, handicap, types of bandages box Stoves welding, welding and powder

Rectifier transformers with various capacities

Hafsl and fixed-line markers, electrical panels, coke, wellhead equipment, earthing Zinc tuberculosis

The sacrificial anode aluminum, zinc, magnesium …..

Design and implementation of projects

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