Identification of the product

1.1 Identification of the product

Cadweld Welding material

Welding materials are exothermic mixtures and react to produce hot molten

materials with temperatures in excess of 2000 º C and a localized of smoke.

These martial are not explosive. Ignition temperature is in excess of 950 º C for welding material.



R phrases Symbol EINECS-N º CAS N º Component
N.A. Cu2o / Cuo 215-270-7 1371-39-1 Copper Oxide
R10-R15 AL 231-072-3 7429-90-5 Aluminum
N.A. CaSi2 234-588-7 37236-74-1 Calcium/Silicon
N.A. Ca2 F 234-588-7 37236-74-1 Calcium / Silicon
R10-R15 Al/V 8112-40-1100 7740-62-2 Aluminum/Vanadium
R11-R15-R18a Al/Cu 231-072-3 12608-74-1 Aluminum/Copper

Hazard Identification

Product gives during the reaction very high temperatures (up to 2000 º C), so there is at the time a risk of burning.