CerAnode Titanium Ribbon Anode

Product Data Sheet


CerAnode Titanium Ribbon Impressed Current Anode material is suitable for many cathodic protection (CP) applications. It is easy to form and install in applications where a small linear or continuous anode is required. As with all linear anodes attenuation must be considered and for this reason auxiliary conductors must sometimes be augmented. Consult CerAnode for these materials. CerAnode has also developed another fully engineered linear anode alternative, the CerAnode PiggyBack Anode System used along pipelines, under tanks and in congested areas to minimize interference.

The Anode Ribbon Material described below consists of precious metal and valve metal oxides that are sintered to the surface of commercially pure grade 1 titanium to provide inert catalytic anode characteristics. The materials have been chosen for their superior wear rates being manufactured from some of the most corrosion resistant elements known to man. This aerospace material is mechanically strong and ductile making it the anode material of choice for many CP construction projects.


Part Number RIB- 25-025-17/50 

Precious Metal & Valve Metal Oxides
 Excellent for Oxygen or Chlorine Evolution
Specificity is Oxygen


17 mA/m ( 1.2 A/m2 ) for 50 Years
 28 mA/m ( 2 A/m2 ) for 30 Years
42 mA/m ( 3 A/m2 ) for 20 Years

Anode RatingSee Note 1

CP Grade 1 Titanium

Substrate Composition

6.35 mm (0.25”) wide
0.635 mm (0.025”) thick.
152 meters nominal / CoilSee Note 2

Anode Dimensions (+/-10%)
0.14 Ω/m Nominal Substrate Resistance


NOTE 1 -- The Anode Material can be operated at higher current densities in aqueous electrolytes or carbon in exchange for life using a linear amp-year interpolation. The recommended maximum anode current density for use in sand is 3 A/m2. For concrete the United States FHWA recommended long-term current density limit at the anode-toconcrete interface is 110 mA/m2 and the short-term limit is 220 mAm2. Consult CerAnode for alternate materials with higher or lower current ratings. 

NOTE 2 -- Actual length of coils will be determined based on stock availability and customer requirement at time of order.